Tell all tutorial: How to be a Lagos boy

Tired of seeing Lagos boys and not being able to deal, this tutorial will change your “can’t deal” to I refuse to can’t, I now can with renewed vigor. No more feeling like white rice without stew when you can evolve into jollof

Introducing a tell all tutorial on how to be a Lagos boy, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, which is awkward because you didn’t pay any money. This tutorial will make you stop feeling like you have half head, when your mates are chilling with their heads complete.

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Guest post: Now for The Future

‘Would you be my…would you be my…my uhmmm whatever it is that makes me happy’ she said with her palm on her face. Hair thrown forward, she crawled up like a ball. Everything paused only because I felt it should, as I desperately tried to channel the emotions I should feel, but had no breath in my heart.

‘Are you happy now’ I asked. I couldn’t describe how I felt for her. About her.

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What keeps you up at night?:

Social media Love or insecurities?

“The writing on the wall says it all, yet I can’t stop going back to where I fall.”


Location: Nkiru’s head

I see you. The water pours as I wash my face one too many times to get you out of my mind, but here I am again, asking if I keep you up at night?


“I would dream all night if I could talk to you because it just won’t seem right for me to not know you.”

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The Thinker: Reflections on the single life

Pamela had never thought of her 23 years of life as pathetic, rather she found it interesting. A tale she could relay on a whim to arouse a good laugh. She was indeed humbled to be living this life, but why? Had she always been lucky in love, occasionally catching the glance of a stranger who found her attractive? She was many things,

but lucky wasn’t one of them.

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The Two Sides of A Coin: “Stalking”


The inception of “Stalking”: It began with a click and manifested in a framework of connections

Dear Diary,

What do I see when I look in the mirror? I see myself (obviously), but it is deeper than that, I see someone who isn’t ashamed to own up to what I do in my free time, amongst other things, I see a “stalker”. To be fair, when I look in the mirror, all I really notice is how I look, but that would detract from the dramatic beginning of this entry.

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The Intricacies of Texting

Where’s my reply? You ask time and time again, then that awkward moment hits you and you realize you are not entitled to a reply.Shocker?


Titi’s story…

Tick tock , every second counts, I want to know, to understand why he deems me unfavorable in his eyes. Why I’m not good enough to get a simple reply. I search myself as an internal debate gains heat. My mind is the voice of reason, but my heart cries out in defeat. I texted him first, yes I did an

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