The Intricacies of Texting

Where’s my reply? You ask time and time again, then that awkward moment hits you and you realize you are not entitled to a reply.Shocker?


Titi’s story…

Tick tock , every second counts, I want to know, to understand why he deems me unfavorable in his eyes. Why I’m not good enough to get a simple reply. I search myself as an internal debate gains heat. My mind is the voice of reason, but my heart cries out in defeat. I texted him first, yes I did an

d now I surf through a wave of emotions: excitement, anticipation, concern, regret. I’m steadfast in my ways, I cannot deter from walking between concern and regret. I’m lost and I’m continuously trying to justify answers to the many questions built up in my head.


Maybe he didn’t see it; his phone died,  he probably has a lot on his mind and forgot or maybe he’s arguing with his roommate again. I know they don’t get along. No, he’s probably needs more time to understand what is going on between us. To be honest, I’m confused too, what are we? He’s probably scared of the emotions that are welling up within him, he isn’t ready for a relationship and doesn’t know how to end whatever it is that we have, but then again would I be able to handle the conventional “its not you, its your eyebrows me?” Yes, he is probably fed up with me, maybe he thinks I’m boring or unattractive. Yes! that’s it, I saw how he was looking at Yewande the other day. I’m probably not good enough for him. I’m probably overthinking this, but how can’t I when I have no clue as to what’s going through his mind? Its better to prepare for the worst I guess. But I deserve to know…


He could at least reply, its not that hard. I want to know. No, I need to know. I should probably text him again. No I can’t, I can’t be the person constantly starting the conversation. I don’t want to seem desperate. Who am I kidding? I guess I am kind of desperate. Two can play this game, I’ll wait forever to reply as well. Yes! That’s what I’ll do. The problem is I know I won’t, in fact I can’t. I’m torn between if I love you, I should let you go and if I want you, I should  go get for it.


My phone vibrates, is it you or that kid that has been bugging me all week? More importantly, if its you can, I handle what you’re about to say?


At last, I look at my phone and its you…


Kenny’s story…

I see your picture and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Your eyes remind me of the beauty commemorated by fall, yet your smile battles to override the beauty with your eyes. Should I message you or not? I don’t want to be ignored or shot down-I’m probably not good enough for you, I mean you define gorgeous, but I don’t want to be burdened with the idea of what could be. I’ll message you, yes that’s what I will do, you’re on social media for a reason 😉

Kenny: Hello 🙂

I think you’re really pretty and I would love to get to know you over coffee or a drink.


Its been 7 hours, yet still no reply. How can someone be so rude. My message wasn’t creepy, no it was quite nice. I’ll give myself that. How can she completely ignore me  when I’m obviously just being friendly. I guess with all the feminist crap she doesn’t have time to learn to be polite. Like gaawd where are her manners. You know what, I’ll put her in her place.


Kenny: Seriously?

In other news I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re the definition of stuck up and to

be honest, you’re really not all that. You could lose a few pounds. you see, thats the

problem with girls like you, a perfectly amazing guy comes your way and you think you

can just ignore him?


Well have fun with your morning breath, excessive gas and ashy skin.


Still no reply…



Bolu and Oyin’s story…

It’s that time again. The time where the art of constantly receiving messages while hanging out with your friends in glorified. Sometimes I wonder if my mobile carrier has defects specific to my phone number or if people are just pretending to be busy on their phones because each time I look down at mine, it stares back with the same familiarity it has always had, its blank. I search my mind to decide who to text, maybe I can start this texting cycle on my own. I really want to go watch this play tomorrow, but I don’t want to go alone. I know what I’ll do, I’ll text him, I’ll text Bolu.  He seemed quite nice when I met him a week ago. Hopefully he’s not busy.


Oyin: Hey! I know this is really short notice, but would you like to see A Cinderella Story on Broadway with me? I have an

extra ticket 🙂


Ah, I knew she’d text me. She seemed really interested in me. She’s cute but I’ll wait a while. Give or take 3 hours. I’ll say something chill, I don’t want to seem eager. Let the thirst games begin


4 hours later


Bolu: HeyI’ll think about it.


L.O.L for the fact that he read it almost immediately I wrote it and he’s just replying. Thank you Whatsapp for the “blue tick”. Can’t a girl text a guy without him thinking its thirst? Seriously, not every time games, sometimes friends.


Oyin: lol okay.


Looks like I’ll go by myself.



I look at your face as I try to disguise the pretense that lurks within my eyes. You see, I waited for your reply- it never came. Sure I’ll pretend that it doesn’t matter and smile when I see you because I can’t have you thinking that I’m angry because you didn’t reply a simple message but you see I am. Though there isn’t much that I can do, I can’t make you reply favorably or reply at all but I would be really happy if you would.



All those who wait for replies


Giddy Times,



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