Let’s Talk: Dark skin girl

Do you love yours?

There are so many things that I want to do that I haven’t done, and this piece is my first attempt at one.

Transcript: Dark skin girl

Dark skin girl living in a light skin world

Deception in perception because her story’s never heard

Dark skin girl meets good looking, dark skin, nice hair with a big you know mind

Summoning her confidence because she’s looking rather fine

She hollas at him, but wait, listen to his reply,

You’re cute, let’s be friends I think you’re pretty fly, but

You see your lightskin friend she’s about to be mine

And just like that  she’s darkskin girl living in a light skin world

But nutella has always been the world’s favorite spread right?

No its probably butter?

I’m just playing

Anyway, dark skin girl meets charming guy

Who doesn’t respect her enough to realise that she’s fly

She’s like watchumean,  tries to reset his mind,

Tries to change him to her kinda guy

Because nobody got time for kinda sorta right or kinda sorta wrong

You know from first name hot last name dog

She doesn’t understand why he sees her as a liability

Because his pessimistic view of her will never be actuality

To be fair, you determine what you find attractive

But answer this question, if not for the tell-lie-vision

Would your mind be so passive?

You go with the flow that dark skin may glow, but white wine is addictive and you can’t say no

Open your eyes and realize if we don’t hold each other up where’s our stability

Stop that! don’t look at her with pity

Saying things like, oooo she’s so dark, how can she be pretty?

You can stop and stare

But look with awe because baby girl is rare

And no this isn’t a condolence call

Trying to make dark skin girls stand tall

Its an affirmation of the rights that we’re all entitled to

No one should feel less of themselves because of the skin they’re born into

Giddy Times,



10 responses to Let’s Talk: Dark skin girl

  1. Akinola Oritsema

    You blew my mind with this. God knows I’m am so so proud of what you are doing. This is so beautiful, like so so beautiful. God will continue to help you love.

    Liked by 1 person

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