Stay Flexin’: Sometimes I rap


It was the first time; you were on your own, going through the motions

Because o boy is far from home

And mama told you, child hold your ear

Shoe get size, don’t be stuntin’, you hear

Awkward cuz you think you’re grown

But you still table hop tryna get patron

O not trying to be petty

But how you tryna trap a queen no fetty

Hold up hold up I digress

Shouldda listened to mama like its coming on the test

Uh! But you can’t right now

Can’t fall your hand as a big boy now ah ah

Damn!, Instead you be stacking them dollar bills

Making it rain like you’re Mayweather on the pill,

Like them boys repping Zanotti

But on the low still soaking garri

Like girls ballin’ hard like the NBA

But  on an all time low like your GPA

Still paying the price for the supposed fame

Your bank account is red, call it period games

But how can you cope when you’re Will

No Bel air in the mix, no uncle Phil

Damn is this the cost of our lives

Measured by the kind of cars that we drive

Still trying to glow up when he ain’t got a dime

Praying to God to help you out this time

Well damn but its chilled

If you living your life unfulfilled

I ain’t sway, ain’t got the answers Kanye west

But if you ask me, get your life in check

Be an underdog getting Grammies like beck

We don’t have to stay

Flexin’ balmain

Cuz you know you’re a broke man

Giddy Times,



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