The Intricacies of Texting

Where’s my reply? You ask time and time again, then that awkward moment hits you and you realize you are not entitled to a reply.Shocker?


Titi’s story…

Tick tock , every second counts, I want to know, to understand why he deems me unfavorable in his eyes. Why I’m not good enough to get a simple reply. I search myself as an internal debate gains heat. My mind is the voice of reason, but my heart cries out in defeat. I texted him first, yes I did an

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Where is my reply?

I’ve been hit with a lightning bolt of wisdom that far exceeds my years. Allow me to enlighten you as you awe at this statement. “Some friendships are like a love-hate relationship between a student and social media during finals week.” Not quite profound, is it? I apologize.

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Ripped Jeans, broken ego ,but most importantly, how to find bae.

In upstate New York, Chichi was in a conundrum as she awaited the answer to one of the many tragedies of life (She is a philosopher, theorist, Aristotle’s apprentice), “When will he reply my iMessage”? She soothed her worries in an obscure café sipping a Frappuccino with sweet nothings floating through her mind. Categorizing the thought of him receiving her message and fainting due to utter and sheer ecstasy as sweet. For she sees no other logical reason as to why he wouldn’t reply.

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Not every time cool, sometimes awkward or better still bleh.

I like to think I’m cool, but don’t we all? I go out feeling like I’m Beyoncé, and maybe some other people manage to pull off being Rihanna, but in reality I’m actually bleh. And don’t ask me what bleh means because I couldn’t give you a precise definition for the life of me. For this reason, I have come to the conclusion that there is this strange social law that has arrogantly filtered into our society that demands to be upheld. Article VI, paragraph 2 of the Social Constitution states and I

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